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BlueCrystal Phase 4

Phase 4 is primarily intended for large parallel jobs and for work requiring the Nvidia P100 GPUs.

Phase 4 has the following technology:

  • Each of the 525 Lenovo nx360 m5 compute nodes has two 14 core 2.4 GHz Intel E5-2680 v4 (Broadwell) CPUs, and 128 GiB of RAM.
  • There are 17 extra high memory nodes, each of which has 512 GiB of RAM.
  • There are 32 GPU nodes with two cards each, plus 1 GPU in a login node, totalling 65 GPUs.

User support

Draft Phase 4 user guidance is here. We will continue to update this.

If you cannot resolve a problem or there is an error on the system, please email, rather than one of the System Administrators, with details of the problem and the project code. Further details are available on the Support page. Please note that if you need advice on using the UoB VPN to access BlueCrystal from home, you should contact your departmental support officers.


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