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Welcome to the Advanced Computing Research Centre

The Centre has a mission to help establish Bristol University as a world class centre for research into advanced computing systems.

image of HPC

BlueCrystal is the University's High Performance Computing (HPC) machine. BlueCrystal Phase 3, is available to all users. Phase 4 is primarily intended for large parallel jobs and for work requiring the Nvidia P100 GPUs.

BlueCrystal Phase 4 status: normal service currently available, but will be shut down for upgrade work on Weds 24 January 8am-4pm. Jobs running at the time of the shutdown will be aborted. Jobs which are queued will remain in the queue and will automatically run once the system is back up again.

BlueCrystal Phase 4 status: normal service available.

BlueCrystal Phase 3 status: normal service available.

Phase 2 is now shut down.

Site map available here.

Research Data Storage

The Research Data Storage Facility (RDSF) is available for the long term storage of research data. A project PI can apply to be Data Steward and register one or more projects. 5TB of disk storage is available free per Data Steward.

RDSF Windows and Linux service: available

RDSF Linux service: available.

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