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Costs of using the Research Data Storage Facility (RDSF)

If a Data Steward requires more than 5TB of disk storage across one or more research projects, costs for use of the RDSF should be included in grant applications. The revised pricing model, agreed by the Advanced IT Board in November 2016, is based on a 'Pay Once, Store Forever' (POSF) model where an upfront charge is made to store data for up to 20 years. The charge is a flat rate of £750 per TB, which includes replication of the data in a separate location.

The ACRC is currently planning large scale tape storage with the aim that each Data Steward can be allocated 50TB of tape storage. This will mean that data accessed less frequently can be migrated to tape, freeing up capacity on disk for more frequently accessed data. Tape storage above 50TB will be charged at £75 per TB. We will provide further details about the tape storage and the process for migrating data nearer the time.

The model is reviewed on an annual basis to ensure that our assumptions about growth and the costs of storage media remain reasonable.

These costs can be included in the fEC tool and further details are available in the fEC tool notes under Enhanced IT Support. We will be updating to include details of these new costs and the tape allocation planned when it is available.

Please contact us if you require further information.


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